Grander Bells

High-Speed "Grander Bell" Wahoo Lures

Corrosion-free, with Unsurpassed Strength

Much like dredge fishing for offshore pelagics, high-speed Wahoo fishing is extremely productive and has gained popularity within the last few years. When trolling at speeds from 12-22 Knots, you need a heavy lure that tracks straight, produces a bubble trail a mile long, makes noise and most importantly, catches fish. GRANDER Bell High-Speed lures will do just that.

Made in the USA our lures are available in 12oz and 32oz fully rigged, eliminating the need for an additional trolling sinker ahead of the lure. Ask any experienced Wahoo fisherman how many fish and expensive lures he or she has lost due to the fish actually hitting the sinker (Not the lure), cutting the line while losing the entire rig and the answer will be “Too many to Count”! While the added trolling lead (12-48 ounces) will get a standard trolling lure below the surface at speed, unfortunately the fish can mistake the lead for a baitfish and cut your entire rig off, causing you to lose everything. The GRANDER BELL High-Speed Lures eliminate the need for that extra tackle in the water, dramatically reducing cut-offs.

Our lures are constructed from high quality 316 Stainless Steel to avoid corrosion, while also giving them strength to be considered bulletproof. Offered in a range of colors, these lures will put more fish in your boat and save your wallet and sanity from revisiting the tackle shop every time you lose an expensive rig to cut-offs.

Two Options for the High Speed Wahoo Lure:
15oz Pre-rigged with 400LB Cable ($69.00)
32oz Pre-Rigged with 400lb Cable (89.00)


  • Weight is 15oz and 32 ounces fully rigged (no need for trolling sinker)
  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel
  • Offered in a range of colors