Grander Ti Gaffs

Made in the USA!


GRANDER Titanium Custom Tournament Gaffs are simply the best of the best. Precision built one at a time from solid 6al-4v military grade titanium, they have unmatched toughness and strength-to-weight ratios. Impervious-to-corrosion in saltwater, GRANDER's titanium gaffs deliver performance and lifetime maintenance-free durability. Pat Pending slender diameter hook and neck with flattened sides are most efficient minimizing water resistance and maintain strength while lightness improves balance, handling and maneuverability. The result is increased speed, accuracy and durability. Never again lose a prized fish because a heavy thick steel gaff hook was too slow, and an aluminum or light handle broke in half or because of over-flexing a carbon handle. Our gaffs will not break and have been TUNA TESTED in the GULF!

Our gaffs are handcrafted one at a time and mounted with a custom Grander carbon/glass blank available in one piece 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 12ft.


» Titanium technology

» 200% stronger than stainless steel

» 45% lighter than stainless

» Impervious to corrosion

» Faster from decreased weight & surface area

» More balanced, maneuverable & accurate

» Composite shafts and wrapped with hand cord tuna grips

» Maintenance-free

» Lifetime warranty

» Patent-pending hook head design

Hook options:

2in Ti hook

3in Ti hook

4in Ti hook

Shaft options:

6ft carbon/eglass one piece w tuna cord grips

8ft carbon/eglass one piece w tuna cord grips

10ft carbon/eglass one piece w tuna cord grips

12ft carbon/eglass one piece w tuna cord grips